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Monday, October 3, 2011

bits of Maddie...

pretty Maddie...

oh my TEETH!


I can play flag football to...

look at me!

Mads to the rescue!

I'm outta here!


  1. Ok I had to crack up at her front bottom tooth! Arina has both bottoms, but they are pointy and long just like Maddies! How funny!

  2. Fionas teeth are coming in speratically too. As of right now, she has her top right front molar, her top left front molar and her bottom left front tooth. Its going to make for some crazy sounding whistle noises :)

  3. Oh I wish she would come to my rescue - How adorable ! Viv

  4. Haha, I love the Madds, she's so stinkin cute!

  5. Okay, she is really adorable. I love the pictures so much. She and Krsiten would have so much fun together...and I think get into a little bit of trouble too :)!!!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness...Maddie to the rescue...she could rescue me any day!!!! Pure love!!!

  7. Oooooh, looove those adorable little teeth and that beautiful, smoooshable little face!! :-)