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Saturday, August 20, 2011

outdoor scramble...

I love the pack!

I cheese the camera!

some river fun...

Max thinks this is a keeper!

Max thought it was a good idea!


  1. Ugggg...What is with boys and snakes and spiders!! Creepy! Love that first pic of Maddie peeking out of the pack! Too cute!

  2. Wow...those snakes and spiders! Maddie is just way too cute and having so much fun! I think i would be smiling too if someone kept me way up high away from those snakes and spiders! :)

  3. I would cry too! Gives me the shivers just thinking about it ;) Love Maddie in the pack. Wish we could do it with Luc but the boy is too darn heavy.

  4. Loooove the pics of Maddie in the pack! We're going to have to look for something like that. And Max. WOW. Can't believe he had a tarantula on him. I about jumped out of my skin at that picture. YIKES! What a brave little man!

  5. Claire always makes a cheesy face when the camera comes out too!