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Friday, May 6, 2011


Lots of aisles…lots of lines...lots of people smelling way to sweet! Llama Llama Mad at Mama goes through my head--ALOT …so on Wednesday  while I was standing in a line…watching my items going down the belt one by one…I look up and noticed a familiar young man with Ds checking out …I of course stare…because that is what I do…and if I would have saw him earlier I would have followed him...because he goes to Walmart every Wednesday night around 6 pm…it is his routine I have figured out…and it is now mine...I like him…I just have not had the balls to walk up to him and tell him…how much he means to me…because I do not know his name…and he does not know I exist…this is how I am dealing with my daughter being born with Ds and eventually being his age…call it crazy…but it is what it is…I then turn to see who is behind him in line…as if to protect him…from the ugly…and sure enough there he is a older cowboy…not good…because I know what is coming next…I see his face…the posturing…the comments to his wife…the why are they in front of me look…so I have noticed that when I get into a situation that a slur could be used...I hold my breath...almost in panic…I prepare myself…I try not to listen… but I do…because I have to…I prepare myself on what I want to say and the look I want them to see…so the other night…as I was staring at the young man as he paid and moved on with his evening…I listen…and I watch…and hoped for a good surprise…a little something to make me think the world is still good…but the older gentleman…just had to comment about my friend to the cashier…not a real bad comment…but a comment that puzzled me...he said --could he not have bought a book….REALLY a book the guy does not need food he probably has a limited income…and he is a young man…I was impressed there was fruits and veggies in his basket…he is a 20 something….he deserves to buy what he wishes -when he wishes…with no comment…as the cowboy said this to the cashier…he never for a moment thought...does this woman love someone with Ds…does this women have a story…no he assumed he was right in his comment and his attitude…sometimes old cowboys should learn to just ride off in the sunset very very quietly…


  1. Oh, so unnecessary. :-(

    Love your stream-of-consciousness rambling. You tell a great story there.

  2. Incredible post is all I have to say...Happy Mother's Day to you. :)

  3. What an odd and of the wall comment. Some people always feel the need to comment. I, like you am very observant. Loved the post. Happy mothers day

  4. I agree, some people would do us all a favor if they would just ride off into the sunset...or off a cliff, which ever :)
    I was just about to do a post on the "grocery store"...seriously, thats where most of my incidents seem to happen and almost always with older people!! Great post!

  5. Ok, so I'm not going to deny that you are correct in being upset. But realize that the older generation grew up in a world where people with Ds were shut away in some sort of home where they were treated like people who were "sick". People are who they are and most I have found are ignorant of people with disabilities. The only thing we can do is get out there and advocate. I am trying to decide what part of social work I want to do with my degree and I know that I want to advocate at a higher level than just a mom can. I want others to know they are not alone and know that it will work out. Maddie will grow up to do what she can. At our house we realize that Kezia will do what she does when she is ready. So, ignore the ignorant and be a better person for accepting others!

  6. What a weird and unnecessary comment...could have been worse though! Hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day and that those babies give you lots of well deserved love!!!

  7. I always brace myself for comments too, and plan what I will say if I need to.

    Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day!