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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

where Maximus goes...goes Maddox...
No I think I will take a shower!

Haha Mom u cant touch me!

cute butts!

Max has NEVER met a marker he did not love!


  1. LOL! Love Max's "marker face"... CUTE KIDDOS!

  2. Siblings are so fun...he will be Maddie's best teacher and best buddy ever! Very cute pictures...

  3. Haha...Hilarious! My most dreaded time of day with Russell is bath time! He is a nightmare, he hates it, fights me the entire time when I am trying to wash his hair...sigh...I wish he liked baths more :(

  4. I want to suck and fuck him in that tight ass of his, holy fuck my dick is about to explode after that picture