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Sunday, April 17, 2011

need a little help...

Maddie and I have a love hate relationship with her glasses...I really do not think she needs them...but the doctor says different! she pincher grips small items without them...she can self feed...she can put the block in the little hole all without her glasses...but for a minute I thought maybe her balance is from me not making her wear her glasses more...so I am on a mission to make her wear them....any suggestion would be super!

it is not as easy as others think to have her wear her glasses...currently I have her wear them when her therapists are present...she knows when she puts them on for therapy that they stay on and really does not bug much with them...all other times I am finding them, readjusting them...and putting them back on her...she gets mad and crawls away...fast with a squeal...nothing works putting them on right when she wakes up...she knows they are there...its not like I can trick into wearing them...if the strap is on them...she pulls it off...breaks the glasses...whatever she needs to do to keep them off her face....

and then there is the constant comments from people about her glasses when we are in public...my favorite is does she really need them? they cannot even tell if she needs glasses yet...how can they tell? do you have her in them just to go with her outfit? REALLY would I put myself through the pain in the ass of glasses for an almost 2 year old...the answer is no...but she could not be cuter in them!


  1. I'm of NO help...I can't get Sutter to leave a hat or sunglasses on for 30 seconds let alone all day. I hope someone out there has some good BTDT advice for you! And yes, she is so cute with them on...an off! :)

  2. Gabe goes for his glasses fitting tomorrow and I'm SO worried about him flinging them off and away. I, too, am interested in any feedback. :)

    Ditto with Wren. Maddie is super adorable with and without them!

  3. Cy got glasses just before his third birthday. The first week I let him take them off when ever he wanted and after a couple of minutes break I would say "youv'e had a break - time for glasses again - Now you can SEE everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
    But I think his vision is so bad without them that after that first week he wanted to wear them. If her vision isn't too bad without the glasses maybe there is no big pay off in wearing them for her so it might be harder to get her to wear them?
    A friend suggested to put glasses on for book time or DVD time so they associate it with something good (maybe just like her therapy time)and to just build it up over the months.
    Good luck - The only time I have trouble keeping the glasses on Cy is when Owen wants them (which is often), he is expert at taking a pair of glasses off and will do it to anyone he gets close enough too!

  4. I feel bad I have no suggestions because Kristen never did that. When she got her glasses, we made her wear them all the time...from the minute she got up until the minute she went to bed. That went for her hearing aids as well. In the beginning, she would take her glasses off and hearing aids out but we put them right back on. She eventually figured out she really had no choice with us. Now, she smiles and say "eyes and ears" and I know she wants them on. Kristen wears her glasses to keep her one eye from turning in...I could tell a difference from wearing glasses. Is that why your doctor put Maddie in glasses? Maybe she does not need them...because an earlier comment suggested that. Kristen possibly figured out her world was clearer with the glasses...maybe that is why it was not such a battle for us! Good luck!!!

  5. I wish I had some good suggestions, but I know I would be in the same boat if Arina needed glasses. She would never leave them on!
    Good luck!

  6. I dont have any advice either...I have trouble getting my older kids to wear theirs!! Thats hilarious that someone would think you had her wear them just to match her outfit, lol...She is awfully cute in them though :) Good luck!!

  7. All I can say is good luck! Claire won't wear a hat or socks for longer than a few minutes so glasses would be pretty much impossible!