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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maddie likes RED...

Huston I think we have a problem…yep a big problem…Maddie is officially in her terrible two’s! she will be 2 years old on May 13…and she is getting in some good practice with loud screams, wild kicks, pouty faces, and my favorite…she says NO and shakes her head NO then without fail hits to get the point that it is a NO!…Maddie has now chosen not to sign but to point at what she wants…if I do not come FAST! she begins to scream and cry…when she throws herself down with her head between her legs and begins the tantrum…she will peek up to make sure someone is watching…she has been practicing these rants for awhile…but now she has mastered them…if 3’s are the new 2’s we are in trouble…I think the saddest thing is…I am really taken in by her tantrum…she is so cute while she is doing it…that I give in…I melt…I try to fix…I know I am setting myself up for a huge problem later on…I do have  a strong willed five year old! that on most days is smarter then me…so with Maddie and her new found talent...I am at a loss…a stand still…because the communication between me and her…is efficient…it is just that it is not workable with the rest of society…Chad cannot even understand her…so what to do…more signs, more language, because she really pretends NOT to hear me…not to understand me…so Maddie is officially the daughter I always wanted…”normal”


  1. LOL I'm right there with you...sort of...Landon in a matter of days has gone from my sweet boy to a 3 year old brat! The back talking, not listening and telling me NO is about to drive me bonkers! I'm trying to hold my ground because I know it will only get worse if I back down. How is it that 2 and 3 year olds are so smart?! I'm so glad Maddie is giving you what you want, a normal tantrum throwing 2 year old! Whenever Sutter does something naughty or he knows is wrong he looks at me or looks to make sure I'm paying attention to him, my response to anyone who witnesses it is "don't tell me that kid's not smart!" :)

  2. Yes, I love "normal!" They know exactly what they are doing...they are smart! I use that word all the time with Kristen, sometimes I get funny looks, but then most of the time I get "Yes, she is smart!." Disciplining is tough to do when they look at you and melt your heart! :)

  3. LOL...Ahhh, I know I have said it a million times but I just love Maddies personality!! She's a strong willed, stubborn, determined, funny little girl...I adore her :)

  4. Oh honey I totally relate we are all about this high pitch awful scream every time we don't get our way--or not quick enough!! Fun stuff those terrible twos! Love ya!

  5. Claire is working hard on her tantrums too, and she's only 15 months!! These days we have lots of Claire folded in half yelling, or laying on the floor kicking her legs and (fake) crying. Gotta love being a mom!

  6. LOL! Sound just like my "typical" kiddo when she hit 2. I did find something worse then 2 though, 3..(and 4 was even worse).
    I used to laugh at Emma's tantrums and would have to leave the room.
    Maddie has opinions! Yeah! And one day she'll know how to get them across. Pretty sure my designer gene kiddo is opinionated too bc right now she fusses at me ALOT!!