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Monday, April 4, 2011

luxury :?

The last couple of weeks have been long…me and Max were sick for a week and then Maddie got sick for a week…as we survived the kiddos being down and out...I realized I do not respond the same way to Max being sick as I do Maddie…with Max I feel his head, give him some medicine and comfort him with a movie or what ever he wants…with Maddie I take a temperature in every orifice of her body every 5 minutes… I count the number of wet diapers….I call the pediatrician…I give Chad hourly updates of her looks and movement…I just plainly FREAK OUT! I do! I watch her sleep and I awake to the slightest call for help…Max had a double ear infection…and I just took him to the doctor no stress just lets fix it…Maddie was getting blood work done...so I had Chad drop by the peds office to put her on antibiotics to prevent anything from developing…with Maddie I get so scared that she will die...I know extreme…but I look at her as my perfect little chicka…my little girl that has no reason to feel anymore pain…then she already has endured with several surgeries and more to come…I just want to wrap her in a bubble and protect her from everything…I know she is feisty and naughty and STRONG…but I really think she hung the moon! That’s why I am struggling with the luxury of immunization…someone asked me the other day what I thought about immunization and our children…I responded that we immunize to protect others…do I need a flu shot…probably not…but I do because it helps protect Maddie and the person with Cancer strolling in the super market…I vaccinated Max because he will be in public school…with other children/people that may not be as healthy as he is…it is a personal decision...I just think that an argument should be better then a MMR may cause Autism…because we know this to NOT be TRUE…we know this because of scientific data…we also know that not getting vaccinated and getting my child sick…could kill her…so as non-designer people pass through life with there selfish ways and self important thoughts…and the luxury of maybe I will or maybe I won’t…makes me scared that they will not take the time to understand my Maddie as a human first that is worth the moon and most of the stars….


  1. Amen Sista! I know it is a personal choice, but come on it's 2011 and let's face it any of the diseases we could get or reintroduce to society by not vaccinating is just crazy and irresponsible to ME.

    I think it's totally normal for you to worry more about Maddie when it comes to her health. She's already been down a bumpy road so taking any extra precaution only makes sense! So far Sutter has been far healthier of a baby than Landon was...I swear that kid was on antibiotics every few months until he turned 2! I do however feel like I'm waiting with baited breath for the shoe to drop, but for now I just count my blessings and be grateful.

  2. Personally, I think the safety cushion provided by vaccinations FAR outweighs the remote risks that may or may not even exist. Even with the flu shot - my husband never gets one because he's convinced he'll get sick from the vaccine, but this year he got flu (he still refuses to acknowledge that's what it was, but it was totally a textbook case!), and Sammi and I stayed completely healthy. Meanwhile he put TONS of other people at risk, certainly before he realized what it was and was too sick to go out. There are risky, lasting effects of diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, measles, etc. Why take that chance?

  3. I feel the same way about Russell...I have never been one of those Moms who panic and rush their child to the Doctor whenever they cough...But with Russell I tend to freak out and I ALWAYS rush him to the Doctor, lol
    And the vaccinations, I have never given a second thought to, I have always had the kids done...But when it came time to take Russell I was so scared...For the first time ever I thought what if that Autism thing is true...What if I take him and he ends up with that too!! I know silly to think that at all, but in the beginning I was scared about it.
    We get the kids flu shots every year, with as many people coming and going in our house it would just be foolish not to!

  4. Okay, I completely get panic mode. I am like that with both of my girls. As a mom, you just worry when your kids get sick. I always jump to worst case scenario. When there are more medical concerns, that panic just increases. The whole immunization debate is crazy too...especially since the whole scare of autism was based completely on flawed research. Oh, our society sometimes. I hope you all feel better over there soon! :)

  5. Its so funny because I just did a post on facebook about vaccines, thinking it would start a huge debate. And not a single person commented!
    As the mother of an autistic son and a medically fragile son, I never thought vaccines caused autism. It makes me crazy that the stupid doctor, although now in jail, has caused a lot of pandemonium! We are seeing diseases that we haven't seen in years because so many people aren't immunizing their children. The risks are so small, just do it, to protect other children if nothing else!

  6. I agree, I worry more about Lucas getting sick too especially after his hospitalization. As far as immunizations go, I agree with you as well. I'm not sure why someone would risk their child's life and other children because they believe the vaccines are more dangerous. It's really scary.

  7. I tend to worry when Claire gets sick too. I wonder though if it's just first time mom jitters or if it's because I just don't want her to have to deal with more 'stuff'.