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Friday, November 20, 2009


Supportive…what does that really mean…I am not the most supportive person…I am when it comes to family…or friends that mean a lot to me…but going through the whole pregnancy, diagnosis, and now day to day…I have found what it truly means to be supportive and be able to accept support…I remember someone saying to me…that I needed to learn how to just say thank you…when I was pregnant I had such strong support…everybody excited about the new baby…then I had the “no bubble” ultra sound…people started dropping off the radar…others to my surprise took a great interest and started investigating what was going on with my little Maddie…I thought I was pushing people away with my attitude and sadness…then I realized it was the unknown of Maddox…that “different” is not easy for most people…through this I have found true supporters and new supporters…and I have learned to say thank you…and really mean it…what I am learning and that is hard to understand…is that only me, chad, and max will have a true inside look at living with a person born with Down Syndrome…and only Maddox will know how it is to live with Down Syndrome…others will come and go and think they know...and say I am glad I am not them…but little do they know…I have a secret…my family ROCKS…and these days there are more smiles then tears…my family is just like yours just a little more enhanced!


  1. I've thought a lot about this too--like when I talk to people on the phone and we talk about Miss B's diagnosis but then when we hang up, it doesn't affect them anymore and they can go about their daily lives without giving Ds another thought; but it will always have some sort of affect on Miss B and the rest of our family.

    And I agree, your family ROCKS! :)

  2. I was just thinking this sort of thing the other day when I realized that a close friend still thought that life with Summer is hard or something to be sad about. Only we, her closest family, will understand how wonderful she is and that life is not hard or bad with her in it, and only she will know what it is like to live inside of Ds. I'm glad to hear you guys "rock"... I think you do too.