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Thursday, August 22, 2013


So my break -was short lived! and the thought I was cured from blogging apparently did not take...we have a PROBLEM! Maddie is a bully...no other way to put it...she is socially not nice...she does not use her words...even though kiddos will tell her that god gave her words so use them! She hits, pushes, and screams in kids faces...it does not matter if she knows the kids or not...if a child does anything to Maddie...she gets her justice...she self advocates very well...just not socially acceptable...so to say I am not nervous about this upcoming school year is a lie...if her schedule and predictability is not in place...they will have major issues...Maddie is not just a I am going to push you down and walk away kind of kid...if she does not see tears...she will then push them again and yell at them...until they understand that you do not mess with this pint size fire cracker...Maddie comes off as nice and laid back -until...at home she is getting out of hand...today I resorted to timeout...more for me then her...until recently I could redirect her...interest her in other things...not now...now she knows how to get self perceived justice for herself...she is even beginning to fight me and Chad...she throws food at us at dinner if she does not like it...she hits me when I do not do something she wants in a right now fashion...all I can say is she is in the ferocious fours! I hope we all survive...any suggestions???? 


  1. Ouch Kim! Is it any old kid she does it to, or is it certain kids? Owen still has issue with that little girl, we worked on it so hard and so long but in the end it was just a personality thing......so I swapped days so Owen is not at preschool with her and we have not had any problems with other kids. Maybe this is a communication/frustration thing she wants to say more than she can and gets bossy about it? Wish I had something more to offer than virtual hugs love V

  2. Kamdyn has been having some behavior issues lately. She yells no at me, shooshes me, blows raspberries. She gets frustrated with other kids sometimes too. She doesn't hit them, but she runs away and cries. I am worried that she will get more frustrated and do so ethi f else. I know it's mostly a communication issue right now. So I don't have any advice, but I do sympathize. I might be in the same spot in a year.

  3. Tough phase...Ferocious fours sounds like exactly what Russell is gearing up to head into. Wish I had some advice for you my friend. Jordy use to act the exact same way, she was a really, really tough kid for me. All I could do with her was be consistent and not let her get away with treating others like crap. I hate to say it but she is eight now and it is just now starting to let up. So I rather think it's a personality thing. Some kids are just tougher than others to deal with. Just keep on Maddie and don't let her get away with that behavior, cause it will only get worse and more difficult to deal with. Good luck!

  4. I agree with Jenny. You are just going to have to stay on her. You've said it a hundred times, it's not that she can't learn. She just learns slower than others. And this is a skill she needs to learn. So I feel for you, but at least you know what the problem is.