Monday, August 19, 2013


Can my blog be my best friend? it acts like a BFF? comments and gives me great advice...tells me to get over myself...and always stands by my side....and never judges me (mostly)...however, i am thinking I do not need to project my personal issues onto it anymore...I no longer want to have others understand what it is like for our family...because our family is like yours...I no longer get my panties in a bind when I hear hurtful things...I just get pissed and tell the person how to correct it...I no longer want to share everything about our life...I want to keep it a secret almost...because its my mind Down syndrome is still a big deal....i just do not need to make others feel how big of a impacted it is on our family...hospitals are our vacation destination...and there is no use fighting something that we cannot the past i wanted others to feel my pain of how it is having to go to Denver to hospitals every month...but i cannot make others understand what it is like...this is a members only club...of course I still struggle with the what ifs....but my coping mechanisms have changed...instead of writing about them...I eternalize them...I try to find out solutions for them...I read other moms blogs and I learn from them...Of course i read blogs daily to keep up with our friends...i care what is happening and i truly learn something every time i read a post...I will be forever in this blogs gave me back -me and for that we will be forever friends...


  1. Are you quitting blogging? Boo if you are :( I like to hear what Madds and Max are up to. But I totally get what you are saying here. Actually a few other bloggers I know are kind of done with blogging too. They just find they don't need, or want, to share everything any more. I have my moments where I think of closing it down...but mostly I continue because I like to share with family and friends what our family is up too. I post now and then about speech, but other than that I find I don't have much else to say these days when it comes to Down syndrome. It just doesn't matter to me the way it use too.
    I have always enjoyed your blog :)

  2. I get you more than you will ever know on what you are saying. You know where I have gone with my blogging, for many reasons. Life takes different paths, and I am headed down another one for now. I cherish the paths I have crossed from my blog though. Just promise me every so often you let us in on a couple cute pictures and a few updates because I do care about you and your family...and sincerely like to know how you are all doing! :) Would it not be crazy to meet in person some of the blogs you hold dear to your heart? Just a thought...

  3. I hear you, I hear you, I hear. And just like a BFF it will always be here when you need or want to come back! I have always enjoyed your honesty.