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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The new 2's

I think it is so fun to watch new parents of a infant...I love the gleam in there eye...and thinking I would never ever let my child do this, that, or the other thing...I love it...I stand back and think...your child will be 3...and you will then experience everything you thought you would never ever do or say...I suppose it is my little way of justifying my parenting... I do have hard kiddos...I mean they are naughty...but I like them that way...we have not had a sit down in a restaurant that was not forced in years...our friends changed when my kiddos could speak and have an opinion...chad and I are getting the double dose of what our parents hoped for us...I remember my mom, my dad, my grandma saying Kim we wish/hope that you will have children just like you...and this is not in a good way...they wanted me to have the kid that never sat down...never stopped talking...the kid that you could not talk in front of because they would spill the beans on what you said over dinner last night...I was that kid...and my kids are those kids...it is funny...Maddie and Max are what you would call high energy...they both never stop talking...I just love to see when judgment is bestowed on me and my parenting...I have began thinking that it will come back to you...karma...no matter what you want or believe...your child will throw a temper tantrum in a public setting...will yell and scream and twist away from you just because...they will talk back to you...and it will sound just like how you talk to them...even Maddie tells me off in my nuance and her gibberish...your child will not say ok without promting at age 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7...however they will say but...the word why will turn into but eventually...it just will and be as equally hard to reason, explain and satisfy your 3 year old...just because a 3 year old can -does not mean they will...or even think they should...a 3 year old has a way they see it and it is impossible to change that view...my 3 old wants snuggles on her terms and her time...not mine...and now the independent one does not think she needs help with getting off the bus, getting dressed, taking a shower, peeing like a boy...whole other issue! Yes my 3 year old is soooo 3 that it is delightful...because I have experienced 4 and 5 and 6 and enjoying 7 years old...I know that the hardest is right now...language and communication barrier aside...Maddie and I very much alike...stubborn, and always right...it should make for good teenage years... Characteristics of a 3 year old with Down syndrome...the same as any red blooded 3 year old...but enhanced and defiantly extra spicy...Maddie is so 3.5 that it is insane...she is up -she down with emotions and literally up on counter tops and tables and down on the floor screaming...her scream/cry is the loudest most demanding sound I have ever encountered...heart surgery no tears...esophagus dialations over and over again...nothing...no tears...but take her doll or her music and the world has come to an end...yesterday I got a sliver in my finger and her finger hurt with crocodile tears and pants of sadness...so funny...so dramatic...I am excited that she is emotionally and developmentally just like every other 3 year old...it is so good to remind myself again how wrong I was about my girl...


  1. So many things about this post made me smile and nod in agreeance! Sutter plopped himself on the floor today at the bank, home and Landon's school to avoid having to leave (on his belly like he was going to sleep)...he knows I have a hard time getting him up that way because he's 36lbs of solid muscle...did I mention he was screaming at the same time...and then laughing! 3 is so fun! :)

    I love the peeing like a boy! hehehe My niece is the only girl and I swear she pees just as well and Landon and her brother standing up in the backyard! :)

  2. Lol yep payback is having kids just like you were !

  3. I mean the collective "you" i should have used "we"