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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today when Maddie came home on the bus...she was giggling and the bus assistant and driver had huge smiles on there faces...the assistant was quick to tell me they were listening to Taylor Swift and dancing...she said Maddie was dancing in her seat and enjoying herself...I could tell that she was...and I could also see the joy that it brought to them...last night in tumbling a grandma commented to me that Maddie was her granddaughters favorite friend...I smiled and said Maddie has that affect on people...a friend told me she loves to hold Maddie because she melts into you when holding her...in the store the other day I was chasing Maddie -she ran away from me and I was trying to catch her gracefully...and she was giggling and was running with her arms swinging and almost ran into this older guy...he stop quick and let out this huge laugh and big smile...I took pause...not because I think anyone is laughing at her mean or insulting...I do not think they are...I am just now being able to see that that the world sees Maddie through the same rosé colored glasses I do...people in general want to be in her presence...I am not sure why...but people like to "know" Maddie...but only a few truly do...I am very shy in public...I do to talk with strangers...and I do to allow people in my personal space...but Maddie has made me get out of this comfort zone a bit...we do not have many "friends"...I burned those bridges when I was in depression...so being social with Maddie is new to me...I think it is interesting how people react to her...I do not fear the perception will change as she gets older...because I know it will...what I am interested in is the effect she has on people and what it means...to them...to her...is this Maddie teaching the world tolerance...is this Maddie teaching people acceptance...I am not sure i think it is different for everyone...but what I do hope is that with Maddie she will change at least one parents mind to not abort...to see that it is ok to love "different"...that anyone can be a mother of a person with Down syndrome...that doctors do not have to suggest abortion because of a fear they know nothing about...I have been reading the Politics of Down syndrome...a good read...not touchy feely...a honest look at how "society" perceives Down syndrome...this book made me realize that not everything about Maddie is about feelings...that when a reaction from a person in our society towards Maddie is negative...it is because of the lack of education about Down syndrome...about being the 2nd fiddle disability and not getting quality information out to the public...I know that I have to get more active in my community about the facts of Down syndrome...that Maddie can and should be the poster child in our community to see that an extra chromosome looks like and means...I do feel that this book should be given to new parents of a child carrying an extra chromosome...I feel doctors and caregivers should read this book...because it is an honest look at where our kids fit in this world...I want to find a way to advocate on a global scale...this book inspired me to be more and do more for Down syndrome...


  1. Ah, this post really made me smile, seeing how you have begun seeing how society reacts to your sweet girl, and how your eyes have opened over the last few years. I'm glad you see what I see. Our children *do* have an amazing and positive effect on people, and they really *do* change *us* for the better. :-)

  2. Our lives sure can be an eye opener, for other AND for us! The Politics of Down Syndrome, I've never heard of it but it sounds really good.

  3. I have noticed the effect Russell has on people as well...People are just drawn to him, and I am learning to embrace that. I am not a very social person either, so Russell has many times taken me out of my comfort zone. It takes getting use to.

    I have never heard of that book you mentioned. Sounds like an interesting read!

  4. I love the effect our kids have on others. I have to admit, I'm used to the smiles and waves that Claire always gets when she is out in public, but mom my isn't. My mom watched Claire when she had a fever and couldn't go to school, and when they went to the store mom couldn't get over all the attention Claire got just by sitting in the cart!

  5. Oh, the effect on other people...the effect on the world. I personally am not one who likes attention draw to myself so this has taken some getting used to for me. But Kristen does draw it for sure. I have not heard of this book. Will have to check it out!