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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Surprise 21...

This is a list of 21 surprises that I have had along the way... 1. Cuter, funner, more then I thought she would be 2. Naughty, and more spunky 3. Smarter and more in the moment 4. Fits into our family perfect 5. Independent 6. Typical 7. Manipulative 8. Relatively healthy 9. She is still alive 10. And I am thankful for it 11. She has individual wants and needs 12. She can make grown ups very uncomfortable 13. She can make grown ups more thoughtful 14. She loves music and dancing 15. Her medications are manageable 16. She understands her role 17. An extra chromosome makes her no different 18. I would not take the extra away or change it 19. I still would take away her health issues 20. I am ok 21. I survived At the moment of diagnosis none of this was in my truth...it was gone taken...the more you know!


  1. Love this! Love number 20 I am ok...I feel the same way about myself too and surprised as well! :)

  2. Loved this! #2 has been my biggest surprise with Russell...It's funny I was just saying to my Mom tonight that Russell is such a brat and I just didn't expect that...He has Ds after all, shouldn't he be loving and sweet! lol

    Loved #20 as well...I never knew I would be ok...MORE than ok, great :)

  3. what a cute post!! Loved it..and I loved number 20 also;) I am OK...actually we are all OK..

  4. Great list! I like #6 and #20!