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Thursday, July 19, 2012

a Presidental trip to DC...

Chasing Fireflies...a first for Max n Maddie

Room Service -- yummy!

Chad being presented with the Presidential Education Award in Math and Science...So PROUD of him!

Max holding a Triceratops horn!

digging for fossils...its hard work

getting her groove on!

sweet music at the Smithsonian Folk Days Festival


  1. WAIT - are you guys HERE???

  2. Man, I just love Max's hair...And the outfit Madds is in is adorable, looks like they are having fun. Congrats to Chad also :)

  3. What great pics! Love those sunglasses on Max! Wow! Congrats to your husband...what an incredible award. Looks like a great trip!

  4. What beautiful children! Congratulations to your husband. Can't figure out this "Select profile..." thing though:)
    Aunt Sandy

  5. Congratulations to Chad! What an accomplishment! Your kids sure have had a lot of fun experiences!

  6. Wow what a wonderful acknowledgement of his great work as a teacher, Mads and Max Adorable!