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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

silly me...

21 things I thought were lost when I found out Maddie was going to be born with extra loves…

1.                  loving a baby doll and mothering her dollies
2.                  eating a dinosaur chicken nugget
3.                  potty training shenanigans
4.                  dancing and feeling the rhythm
5.                  watching her frolic in the mud with a pretty dress and no shoes
6.                  catching her stealing from the cookie jar
7.                  temper tantrums
8.                   a LOUD screeching voice
9.                  manipulative communication to get what she wants…when she wants
10.              imaginative play dress up, barbies, cars
11.              mimicking my every gesture with her hands, nuances in my speech to pacing on the phone
12.              loving flowers and the sun
13.              dare devilish antics – no fear
14.              wanting to learn and go to school
15.              remembering the little things…tumbling and showing her feet after a front roll
16.              grabbing me with all her mite to hug tight
17.              adoring her brother…always
18.              looking up at her Dad and just squealing with excitement every time she sees him
19.              pretending to be a puppy
20.              typical not listening and pushing boundaries
21.              Happy but opinionated…Alive and healthy


  1. Hee hee. So glad she could prove you wrong!

  2. I love this. So fun to read...brought a smile to my face! I love #6...those little stinkers. Very smart I tell you!

  3. Reading this just proves our children are typical toddlers, bratty and yet so wonderful all at the same time :)...Loved this!

  4. I was hoping we'd get to skip the temper tantrums....always happy right?? Nope, totally typical toddlers. :)

  5. #19 is my favorite. Don't you love how wrong you were? xo.