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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ooohhh Abba...

Mama Mia…Grease 2…Grease…Chicago…I cannot tell you how much I LOVE musicals…in my head I am always singing…dancing…for a few years…the music stopped…I no longer wanted to dance…I was pregnant with Maddie just got the diagnosis Chad and Max were hunting…and I was crying watching Mama Mia on the couch with the ridiculous thought that my Maddie would not LOVE musicals…like her mama…I have waited my whole life to share this with my daughter…my Mom took me to see Pippi Longstocking off Broadway in the Twin Cities when I was a kid…and I was in awe of it the whole show…I remember never sitting so still in my whole life…I remember feeling the excitement and wanting to someday be on stage…and then I sang…it was not pretty…it was not good…my brother could not stand it…and my career was over…last night I went to Mama Mia off Broadway and it was wonderful and again I thought that in my next life that is what I will be doing…singing,  dancing, smiling…traveling…but in this life I will enjoy my love with Maddie…I cannot wait to take her for the first time to a Musical maybe in New York…with a pretty dress and her hair all did…I cannot wait to see her face and feel her energy with every song that is sung…I cannot wait to hear her squeal and squeeze my arm with every great act and dance…I know she is going to love musicals…I know she is going to love getting dressed up and having a Mom and daughter night…there is so much to look forward to…so much to experience and enjoy…Maddie is getting bigger and bigger and I see her growing so much and with that comes more experiences…more silly things I never thought we would do….or I would experience being a Mom…Maddie is full of herself these days and I am so thankful to have front row seats and no longer being in the balcony…


  1. I felt so much excitement in your words I could not help but smile. Could we join you in New York someday too? That would be so much fun. I love musicals too...

  2. I think that Maddie will love doing these things with you. The glorious thing is that the joy of it will never leave her.

  3. Maddie strikes me as the type who just loves to sing and dance, so of course she will love Musicals :)

  4. Oh, I am sure she'll love those things with you! I have a friend with a little 5 year old girl with Ds who LOVES musicals, especially Mama Mia!! She can sing all the songs from it. It's so cute! I think our children will embrace our loves. :-)

  5. Oh yea, no question Maddie will like musicals! Beth adores them! We've seen Les Mis twice, Phantom of the Opera twice, we've seen Annie and we're hoping to see Cats this year. (We own the movie and soundtrack to Mama Mia.) Beth knows them all. Sings them all. Knows every word to all of them.

    I expect you and Maddie are going to have a lifetime of going to musicals!