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Friday, July 22, 2011


I feel like I have been a downer lately...but really things are good…Maddie is getting back to her old feisty self…and so am I…it is really interesting how after a dilation of her esophagus…she changes her eating routine…last time she would not touch baby food…she would not even let it near her mouth…this time…it is ALL her at feeding time…she is self feeding…holy cow! She picks up her food and puts it in her mouth, chews and swallows…I am in complete amazement…I truly thought this would never happen…she is loving using a fork and a spoon…it takes her about a 1½ hours to eat…but really we do not have much going on…she does this little dance with her shoulder after every bite…as if to say I am so darn proud of myself! and she should be! I am crossing my fingers that this will last forever! Last night I decided to take Maddie to the mall…we had to pick up some things and she loves to walk and talk to people…so as we were walking…a 10 year old boy walks past us and starts laughing…his laughing took me back so I turned and looked at him…he said to his mom that little girl looks like a ogar and made the shape of Maddie’s glasses with his hands and walked stiff legged and bumbly like Maddie…my heart broke…but not for Maddie…for an ignorant 10 year old that mother did not teach him how to treat people…she simply looked at him laughing and said don’t say that…she could have done better…and so could have I…I wish I would had said something to him…but I did not have the words…and I still dont…what I do not get is how someone can look at Maddie…and see that…Maddie really is the cutest chicka ever…with a personality that shines…I am not sure at the ripe age of 2 years old she should have to endure this ignorance and hate…and as her proud mama I better find those words and know how to use them…


  1. Wow! I would have been speechless, too. I don't even know how to prepare myself for those moments as my little man grows.

    BTW I agree that Maddie is the cutest chicka ever.

  2. I'm appalled at that mother and sad for that little boy...he needs some serious life lessons and manners taught to him!

    I'm so glad that Maddie is back to eating and doing it like a champ!!!

  3. I have been thinking how I would have handled that situation, and I can't think of any good way to react. A lecture to the mom would have probably just turned into a fight and therefore your message would have not gotten across. I'm in shock that she laughed along with him. I am thinking of investing in a punching bag to take out all this anger I have had lately at peoples cruelty

  4. Yes, Maddie is the cutest chicka ever! You cannot change others but you can change the way you react. Yes, I would have been speechless but then I have found myself in many similar situations since having Kristen. Now, they do not bother me because I feel sorry for those who make fun of others. You never know what life will hand them in the end. You continue to walk proud with that beautiful daughter and let her shine! :) I am glad you are all doing better...have a great weekend!

  5. I didn't know how to handle it either when that little boy made fun of how Russell looked at the kids fun day. It hurt my heart badly in that moment, and I froze not knowing what to say...BUT...As a Mother if MY child were to poke fun at another in my presence there would be hell to pay I can guarantee you that!!! How disrespectful and ignorant!! That Mother should have done more...sigh...This is the part of the journey into Down syndrome that I find hard...How do you let that stuff not bother you??
    Maddie is adorable, and anyone who cant see that is a complete idiot not worth her time!!

  6. Wow! If my son ever said something like that or made fun of another person, it would be a long time before he would be trusted out in public again and I would tell him so...that if he couldn't be respectful of others then doesn't need to go anywhere...that would probably be the end of that behavior! I bet Maddie looked adorable walking around the mall, she is a doll! I am glad she is getting back to herself and that she is eating well again!

    Kelli @ livinglifewithes

  7. That's terrible - but I think I would have not been able to comment at the moment either. But yay for self feeding!!

  8. I would have been speechless too and mad! I am glad Maddie is back to herself again!

  9. I'm baffled that the mother didn't have something more to say to reprimand and TEACH that little boy. I have to say, I honestly wouldn't have known what to say either. I am great two hours later when I've stewed on an incident, but in the midst of it, I would be just too shocked to say much. I think Maddie is totally, amazingly ADORABLE and I'm SOOOO glad she's back to herself and is eating with gusto! GO MADDIE!!!

  10. I can't believe the ignorance of people.

    Something similar happened to me on, of all places, Facebook.

    I'm a photographer and take friends of people that I've taken pictures for add me on there quite often. In this case, a mother and daughter (who is probably 12 or 13) of a family I recently took pictures for added me. The girl posted her status as, "I am am so retarded" (Of course the grammar wasn't that good...). I posted on her status, "Please do not say retarded :(." I looked a little later and it was DELETED! So, I commented again, "Did you delete my comment?" again, DELETED! So I asked her on chat why she deleted my comments. She said that her friend posted that, and she apologized (sort of...) and I explained why it was a hurtful word. She never replied after that and never deleted the post.

    I looked a little later and a few people in the family that I took pictures for (the reason they added me in the first place) commented to her that it was a hurtful word and why...and she said she didn't post it, that's not how it was meant and Down syndrome and retarded weren't the same thing anyways. I almost screamed.

    Then I looked on her mother's page and someone from that family posted on her page that the word retarded is hurtful and not funny to those who have someone that has a intellectual disability. Which was later deleted.

    THEN, a day or so later the girl posted a status saying that she wished that everyone would be treated equal and not based on skin color...a lot of people replied to that agreeing and her mother posted something (I can't quite remember how it was worded) about how she agreed and people needed to stop throwing things out of proportion especially when people's friends post things harmlessly, blah blah.

    Anyways, my whole point to that was that sometimes we can't blame the kids. As much as we want to be angry at everyone, their parents are the ones that are idiots and aren't teaching their children to be compassionate, thoughtful human beings. And it's horrible. And I hate it.

    I said something in this instance, because it was Facebook...but I still don't think I have the guts to say anything in person. So don't feel bad for not saying anything.

  11. That would hurt my heart too. And I'm upset with the mom. How can you let your child say something like that and not correct them...sad.

  12. First, yeah for Maddie and her self -feeding! Go Mighty Maddie Mouse! Whoope!
    Second...I know. It sucks. The other day these two little girls walked by eslea and couldn't stop talking about how "FAT" she was. Of course I think she is beautiful with her bowling ball belly and stubby arms/legs. But each to their own. The mother was wonderful though, she did keep saying "that is the cutest baby ever and perfect!". Every moment needs to be a teaching moment for kids but not every parent takes that opportunity. To be honest, if it wasn't for Es having DS I may not have been that mother either. -erin

  13. yeah for eating like a champ!!

    And I would most likely be blogging from jail had I been in the same situation as you! I know exactly what I would do and I know it's not legal. Bless you for controlling yourself. i know it must have ripped at your heart. Little sh*t ! And to have the flippin mother not whack him up side his head, just pathetic.