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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fixed...no thank you!

Today I made the whole Down Syndrome declaration to a total stranger…I did good…she was staring at Maddie…and was asking good questions…not offensive ones…and then…I said she was born with Down Syndrome…she said “I thought so”…she is a professional that works with our local Child Development Center… I was so proud of myself...I was not embarrassed…ashamed…nervous…just…proud and excited…did I just say that…look at me coming along! This woman had a little girl born with her intestines on the outside of her body…WOW…that would be a hard one…the thing is they can fix that… and the little girl has a story…you cannot fix Down Syndrome…and today…Maddie does not need to be fixed…she just needs to be Maddox…She is sick AGAIN!! that does need to be fixed!


  1. I do okay when talking to some people about Carly being born with Ds. Yet sometimes, I'm so stumped by the stupidity that actually comes out of mouths of others. Most often, when I get the urge to be in "mama bear" protection mode, is when the older ladies give Carly nasty dirty looks. Like she's an alien. That just burns me to the core. Of course, I do realize that back in their day, a child with Ds was hidden away and never taken out in public. Still, it rubs me wrong.
    Hope Maddie feels better soon.

  2. I still get a little stumped too. However, little by little I'm getting better. Kudos to you my friend.

    Congratulations!!! xoxox

  3. I remember in the beginning I could barely say the words Down syndrome without tears coming up and now I want everyone to know so that they see that its ok. I hope Maddie is all better soon :-)

  4. I am SOOO proud of you!!