Thursday, September 5, 2013


Confusion is how I feel...I think..I am not sure how to feel really...and I am not sure I feel anything...this is the deal...Maddie started another year of tumbling...yeah! Right? But there is a but...I am seeing the gap and it is becoming big, glaring, more...Maddie can do all of the tumbles like the other kiddos...but what she cannot do is sit and wait for a turn...stop touching other to them like a 4 year old typically she is called the baby...and the other girls do not necessarily want to sit by the "baby"... It is so frustrating to have the other kids sitting and wait appropriately and Maddie doing summersaults down the mat or kissing the little boy that dares to be near her...I know Maddie can do better...I know that this is very important for her...this teaches her so much more then balance and cartwheels...this teaches her about living beside another person...appropriate touch...taking turns, standing in lines and following directions...the teacher is amazing and she is bringing in a helper to help out with the flow of the class...I watch Maddie fall and get up with a smile...I watch her try so hard and want to be a good friend...she just forgets sometimes...I wonder what the other parents think...I know I should not go there...I know Maddie has every right to be there...I know it is as good for there child as it is for Maddie to be in that class...even if Maddie takes up more of the teachers time...I just do not want to hear the comments...or get the looks from the moms that give me a nasty look when they see it is my child that is the naughty one...the thing is this is the beginning or the continuation of my quest to have Maddie be fully submerged into a 'normal' class a typical life...for some unknown reason I still think people will not notice that Maddie is Maddie...that she will show them that she is just like there kid...with a little more personality...I try to tell myself all the other kids will act like Maddie in time...Maddie does not act naughty just because it is the first day...she shows her true colors on the first day of class...there is no honeymoon with Maddie it is just all out stubbornness and self will...someday I will reflect back on this and think how not a big deal it is...I will have to worry about her education and fair and equal rights...I know this is the small stuff...but again it just gets to me...I like keeping my Maddie is a protective box...but I know her and I still need to grow...


  1. Ah Maddie...She has such a strong determined personality, I love that about her. I haven't had Russell around other kids his age enough to see what he acts like. That's one of the down sides of living way out of town, we don't get to activities or play groups enough. Sounds like Maddie is learning a lot from this tumbling class, lot's about appropriate social interactions. Seems like all our kids need help in that area. And never mind what other parents think, like you said Maddie has the right to be there, and she loves it, so that's all that really matters :)

  2. That tumbling class is so where Maddie needs to be, well, at least in my opinion! Yes, I know how it can be to be the recipient of stares by other mothers. I know how it me. But, Maddie has every right to be there and the only way she is going to grow and be the best she can be in life is to be in the real world with everyone else. It is more than just tumbling to our kids...and that is what those other moms will never understand or know. Someday too you may reflect back and this this is not a big deal...but on the other hand I think you may see this as more of a big deal than you think. It is a stepping stone in Maddie's life to learning social skills. Our kids need that because without these small stepping stones they will never reach the big ones. Hang in are doing a great job with her! :)

  3. Those other children (and their parents) need Maddie there as much as she needs to be there. We can all be better. Thanks for giving us the opportunity.