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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tree hunting n pink boots

Maddie turned 3 in May...with that came a lot of huge steps (firsts) for her...she started school...rides a bus...her esophagus is staying open...she can eat popcorn and turkey wings...but there is something she just did that is bigger and that I was so excited, hopeful, proud of...she can walk in snow boots...not a big deal...yeah it kinda is!
Last year she could not walk in snow boots or any other shoe then her Nike shoes...she would just sit down and act as if she had no power of her legs...maybe she was not strong enough to move the boots one in front of the other...maybe she did not like the way they felt...but she would try daily to go out in the snow barefoot and scream and get so mad if I was not right there to get her...but this year she squeals with excitement over the pink snow boots...and this year she was able to help get our Christmas year on the mountain...It's a first!

Daddy and Maddie...
Maddie and her big brother Max...
Maddie signing cheese for you...

Happy tree hunting!


  1. Haha, love Max in that last picture! Oh, I know what you mean about boots!! This is Russell's first year being able to walk in them also! Last year we would put them on him and he would refuse to move, or he would just drop to the floor and cry. So I know the walking in boots thing IS a big deal!!

  2. Love! So sweet a-moment, something in another time we would just take for granted not anymore. Enjoy the snowy fun Maddy. Xxx

  3. yay for pink boots and walking in the snow!!! We plan on taking the boys to the snow this winter...it' will be interesting to see if Sutter will like it or hate it...could really go either way, he's just that kind of kid! :) The last picture of Max with the saw tells me he and Landon would get along fabulously!

  4. Oh, yeah for pink boots. That is all we wear here. I vividly remember thinking the same thing when Kristen was finally able to walk in hers too! Oh, joy! I love tree hunting. I am sure you found a beautiful one!

  5. Love the boots! Claire has pink cowboy boots that she *adores*, but we haven't tried snow boots yet. Right now is the first snow that stuck around for more than a few hours!