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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

that Maddie...

This morning Maddie decided she was going to watch old videos of herself…so sweet and cute she (is) was…there was one of her cooing and batting at her mobile…I remember that being such a huge milestone…and how it was then I began to enjoy the BIG things to us…we also watched a video of her eating by herself…it was jello and a mess and everywhere…not much has changed from a year ago…she is still making a huge mess and her food is still the texture of jello! But really I could not believe is how much she has changed into a toddler…a child…not a baby…she is not little anymore…sure she is in comparison to others…she weights roughly 25 pounds and dropping…and she is about 31 inches tall…so petite!  But full of spit fire…she is not very nice right now…everything is not fast enough for her liking and the pecs program and sign language is just not fast enough…she is a temper tantrum in waiting…at any moment she explodes into a screech and throwing herself down with one eye open to see who is watching…she has just started this bah bah bah cry that is very funny…but I have to not laugh…Maddie is picking up that everything she does I think is cute or funny…and she is using it to her advantage…when others see this behavior I get the isn’t this great look she is just like a “normal” child…yes she is like that “normal” child and then they turn 5 and the tantrum is not so cute anymore! I have learned through my 6 year old that you try very hard to squash the unwanted behaviors quick because they will haunt you don’t…Maddie is just pissed all the time…I know she is hungry…and I know she is having trouble eating and drinking…I am not sure if it has turned into a aversion to food…that she is turning 3 soon…her  “new” personality…or her esophagus is just that irritated…but what ever it is I would love to have the age old cliché -kiddos with Down syndrome are ALWAYS happy! referring to my Maddie…


  1. Hang in there, I know that screech all to well!!! Praying for her health and praying for regular old temper tantrums instead of tantrums over pain.

  2. I'm right there with you! Everyone treats Sutter like the 'baby' (well I guess he is) and so everything is cute and or funny when he does it but I know the longer he gets away with it the worse it will get! He's got the fall to the floor, cry with his hands in his face down and then he turns his head to make sure someone is watching...he's also really good at getting over what ever fit he was having just to turn it back on if someone new walks in the room!

    I know she's still having trouble drinking but will she drink a smoothie with protein powder or milk shake? I feel so sad for her poor throat and tummy!

  3. Some say two's are terrible but with both mine that personality at three is pretty tough. Plus I now with Kristen that inability to communicate like other is frustrating because she knows exactly what she wants...it is just those words are tough. Yes, I agree. Come live with me and see if "they" are always oh so happy. I think not.

  4. I read this last night and had to smile cause you described Russell perfectly in here! Everyone thinks his little tantrums are so cute and so "typical" but all I can do is flash forward a couple years and think how NOT cute they are going to be!
    Hope Madds feels better soon and can eat and drink with ease.