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Monday, December 9, 2013

One week...

One long week...Maddie can be challenging at times...in a way I have never experienced...the things she does are just different and so unexpected...Chad has been gone all week traveling and it seems that when he is away is the time she really out does herself for mischief...on Tuesday Maddie decided to hand me her poop at 3 am in morning...was not expecting this not all...she has been refusing to poop on the potty and will only poop squatted...not sure if it makes it easier or it is just a Maddie thing...so we say let's go get cleaned up after the transfer of poop from her hand to mine...putting the poop in its real home the toilet, the clothes go in the washing machine, then washing the hands and finally checking to make sure there is no more lost turds...I know I am living the dream...so this morning I went to begin some laundry and found turds in the washing machine...i suppose she was just getting clean...right! On Wednesday I woke up to Maddie screaming and banging on her bedroom door...she locked it...she was locked in her room at 6 am in the morning and I tried  to remain calm...i tried to knock it down with a good shoulder push but ended up using a hatchet to make a hole in the door and unlock the door...I was saving her...right...yes -after I was thinking correctly I am sure I could have gotten it unlocked without drastic measures...but I was saving my princess...and it was 6 am in morning....on Thursday I received the dreaded email that they have had the worst week ever with Maddie at school...that she has been taking toys from friends hands and running away...yes this is the stage that Maddie is in...she likes to take and then giggle and have you chase her...I get that she can't do this...so I talked with her about it...and I have been dealing with this at home for awhile now...but it is a stage all children go through...but I am not sure it constitutes to the worst week ever...I think if other children understood Maddie and what she was saying and playing they could be more understanding and help the situation...I get it...it's a Maddie issue...but so age appropriate at 18 months not 4 years old...I get it...it's not cute any more...at least at her conferences next week I will know that not everything will be good...On Friday at Walmart Maddie decided she needed to puke...let me tell you she really does not puke...she likes to get her head all the way in the toilet sometimes with her hair touching water and coughs...yes her hands all over the toilet...she has been doing this since she was sick with the pukes...now she has continued and we cannot get her to stop it...so there she is head down in a Walmart toilet...there is not enough antibacterial for that...we left and showered immediately...Saturday we went to a birthday party and she took down a unsuspecting girl from behind...the girl was in a fancy princess dress and Maddie took her down from behind...to the ground...it was WWE right there in the lobby of the movie theater...in front of her mother of course...good times and apologizes all around...how do you teach a stranger to fight back and put Maddie in her place while apologizing  and disciplining your daughter for being a pint sized bully...not well let me tell you...I just rolled with it and told chad to apologize again to the mother since he knows her...I have to admit I am ready for the week to end...and know that years from now I will look back and laugh...or drink...


  1. Hang in there! Carson is getting a head start on the poop! We just had our first instance of him pulling a poo out of his potty and then smearing it on the floor. OMG - I wasn't prepared for that. Cathy R.

  2. All I can say is I'm right there with you! The days and sometimes nights are long and seem never ending. I keep wondering when my almost 4 year old will be out of the 'terrible 2's'. Each day is a challenge and keeps me wondering....what will Sutter do today....it's never just a regular day! The other day I walked in his room after nap and he pointed to the floor (from atop his dresser sitting stark naked) and said "floor" "pee"! He's loud in public, runs from us at any given moment and thinks it's hilarious, gets into EVERYTHING and makes tornado type messes all day long! I swear I spend a good portion of my day following behind him and clean up his latest disasters. I say have a drink and then laugh...it's really the only way we'll survive! LOL

  3. Russell sounds tame compared to Maddie and Sutter! lol...The kid that makes me want to pull my hair out is Jordy! *sigh*...Hang in there, it can only get better :)

  4. I just love that you got the door unlocked with a hatchet. You just flat rock! And just for the record, I use to have to duct tape Joseph's diaper shut and put his pants on backwards so he wouldn't be able to play in his poo. After he smeared poo all over his high chair, I was willing to go the extra mile to make sure it never happened again.