Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What does therapy look like????

What does Maddie's intensive therapy look like...Maddie has therapy at school and then school she receives speech, OT, and PT...3 times a week at various times and in various settings...sometimes in the classroom along side her classmates and sometimes pull outs...but her private therapy is what takes the cake and why we have seen a huge improvement with Maddie in skills and speech...Maddie goes to ACM Monday - Friday for an average of 6 hours per is some of the examples of therapy that she is exposed to weekly:
-Real world therapy this means she goes into the community and participates in everyday things such as grocery shopping, department store shopping including dressing rooms, going to the store like hobby lobby with the list and getting the items to perform the activity, sitting and ordering and eating in a restaurant, how to act in public by walking, holding hands, talking with people who talk with her, exposure to life in general.
-Field trips this is anything from the movies to pumpkin patch, llama farm, airport, mountain, pottery by you, park, pedicures, you name it they will or have already done it!
-Maddie receives feeding therapy everyday at ACM she eats family style with the staff and kiddos...learning to chew, try new things, she helps make her own lunch everyday, washes hands, uses utensils, cleans up after self, etc.
-there is breakout one on one therapy in speech, OT, PT this is filled with expectations and goals that Maddie will meet...this is them pushing her along and making sure she is ready to enter school and life
-group activities this is where Maddie is with other kiddos and has organized games, activites, play and receives guidance from staff and sometimes therapists to work on needs of all the kiddos...
The ACM staff is amazing and they work with Maddie and us closely to make sure Maddie is getting what she needs from her day to be successful in life...

This is a typical week for Maddie without more therapy...we would have not seen the growth for Maddie...again if I could turn back what I know now...I would push for more speech earlier...because as a society we put your worth on what you can offer others...Maddie has to be able to communicate her needs as well as reciprocate the needs and wants from others...through this I have discovered that being practical with Maddie has been good for my outlook for our future...setting Maddie up to fail because of my ego only hurts Maddie and my heart....asking others for help with Maddie's development is now our reality...the best thing we could do for her...

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