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Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Camper...

Maddie has had the BEST summer ever! she and Max are attending a all inclusive Day Camp...the counselors are AMAZING...this summer Maddie has exploded with words, confidence, and independence...seriously this has been the most wonderful unexpected experience for our children...Max loves going and playing with ALL the kiddos of various ages and developmental abilities...the unexpected part is Maddie finding her own community that she will grow with for life...everyday I get pix of what Maddie and Max are doing and learning..it warms my heart to know that my kiddos are learning, growing, and enjoying...here are some of the pix I get throughout the day...enjoy!
Max leading the way for Maddie and her friend..

we are in Wyoming!

at the movies!

bowling...but Maddie thinks it is a hanging toy!

sand table..

tennis anyone!

I bite!


llama llama time..

marshmallow toothpick structures

can you hear me now?

look out!

Maddie loves older girls!

Flashlight tag! I am ready!

snack time..

Jumping Maddie


  1. Wow...that looks like an amazing place! What fun for both of your kiddos! I am so excited to hear about it. Thanks for sharing...:)

  2. Loved seeing all these pictures! Looks like summer has been fun so far :)