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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Update 20 D...

Roughly 2 months ago we went to the doctor to find out about Maddie and her nails falling off...I was not thrilled with the diagnoses of 20 Nail Dystrophy...it just sounds scary and a painful...a forever annoyance...the doctor suggested a vitamin...he had us give her Biotin 2500 mcg once daily...told us that it could take up to 6 months to see a change or improvement...let me say that Maddie had all the signs of this...she was born with fragile nails that just peeled away...I thought it was her heart...then we had her heart surgery and her nails did not strengthen...continued to peel...then they developed white stripes down the middle...then I decided it was her thyroid...then her toe nails and finger nails started popping off...like they were nothing...she would say ouch...and that was the extent of it...her hair was always an issue...she does not have much at all...and it did not grow...her hair is so thin...her eyelashes were non existent...they were there just not many and very short...I chalked her hair and eyelashes also to her heart, thyroid...or just a Maddie thing...so putting her on a simple vitamin seemed pointless and just another addition to already long list of medications... But surprise...it is working...cannot believe it...since Maddie was born I have only cut her nails and toe nails a hand full of times..and now I have trimmed them 2 times in a couple of months! I have only cut her hair 2 times in her life and her hair has begun to thicken and has began to grow very fast...and her eye lashes are even getting longer and fuller...I have to say I am very pleased with this remedy...20 Nail Dystrophy is a unknown why, how, and for how long...all they know is it happens...Biotin is not proven to help...scientifically...but it has helped with Maddie...yeah for good doctors that have been around forever and have seen everything!


  1. Thanks for that info Kim, I just did a google on Biotin and very interesting Owens nails are good but his hair and skin definatley fit the description! So great this was an easy fix for Maddy the description of her nails popping off ....blah!

  2. I will have to google it too. Thanks for such an informative post and sharing this information.

  3. So glad you have found something that is working for Madds!

  4. Never heard of it before..but Im glad that it is working for her....

  5. Wow, how interesting. Glad you found a solution. Lucas has brittle toe nails, I rarely clip them, they just break. I might have to give Biotin a try!